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Introducing a new PA Hire service for 2022

PA Hire

Video Production

& Free Website Offer

A PA hire service with a sound mixer providing 12 input sources for all your presentation needs.

From microphones to music players, there are up to 1,600 watts of power for all your presentation needs, capable of filling a small room, to a medium size hall.

If you want more bass output to compliment this PA system, then no problem.

The bass sound system is available at an inspirational promotion hire price, for all bookings scheduled for 2022 presentations.

12 Channel Mixer

Speakers With Stands

Wireless Microphones

Hard Wired Mics

 Bass System

Also included in the price is an extra bonus that includes a Sound Engineer for onsite installation, operation and technical resolutions if needed...

An unbeatable offer for 2022 you will struggle to find anywhere else in the UK!

This is a promotional offer for 2022 and available in the South Yorkshire region from as little as £50 for four hours.

This price is quoted for the Sheffield post code areas of South Yorkshire, with other regions available at an additional distance surcharge.

To take advantage of this PA system offer, please quote PA2022 and the post code of your event.

Video Production

Getting back to normal after COVID!

The Business Sector

Many individuals have been under-mimed by COVID to the point many people have unfortunately either lost jobs or small businesses due to COVID.

I myself was affected by COVID and struggled to get by.

I now have a great opportunity to change from a seasonal wedding service provider to an all year round business service provider.

Promotion for any new business can be difficult when there are so many other businesses competing for the same line of work.

This makes people wonder how to best promote themselves in business.

Financial Cost's

Sharing financial cost's for a service is an idea I believe will help drive both your business and mine forward.

The financial burdens in society many now have, do not make it easy to start a new business.

With this in mind, and while we are coming to terms with COVID and the effects it has had on everybody, this made me think about some reasonable promotional offers that will benefit both your business and mine.

MB Productions have decided to offer  video productions at affordable prices. This is available to new businesses with a view to not breaking the bank.

If you are starting a new business from January 2022, then this could be something for you.

Businesses Established Prior 2022

I believe in leaving no stone left unturned while at the same time, exploring all options.

If your business started 2021 or before, keep reading as your business has also been included for a promotional offer in 2022.

Established Businesses who managed to survive the COVID period of uncertainty, can also receive the same service offered to new businesses starting in 2022.

The promotion offer for established businesses can now receive a 50% promotional offer making your cost £275 (normal price £550)

MB Productions are offering any new business who are now starting up in 2022, their own promotional video production who have a budget amount of £150

Yes that's right and with no compromise on quality!

How much...!

£550 worth of qualifying video production for just  £150

With just £150 and your new business venture, you can get your promotional video created, then sent to you for inclusion on your own website and social media platforms.

Promotional video production costs of just £150 is only available to new businesses starting up in 2022 and with a maximum produced viewing time of one minute or less.

Video Productions can take from 2-4 hours to record before then being taken away for post production.

Post Production will include your information, text and graphic designs to match your business requirements.

Your video recordings will then receive the video edit needed in order to cater for the viewing time experience within your video production requirements and cost's, all of which are inclusive.

Free Advice is also offered incase you need help creating the content you require that will help benefit you and your own promotional video production.

This promotional offer of £150 is for any business with a South Yorkshire post code.

For other areas, please make contact and send the business area post code in order to receive your individual area surcharge price.

Promotional video productions no longer need cost the earth, this new modern era of digital technology is what helps to bring prices down to an affordable cost...

A Bit Of History

2001; As a photographer, Mark was inspired by his father to start a wedding photography business way back then. After taking his fathers advice, he advertised in the local paper and got his first wedding deposit within three days of advertising.

Within fourteen months, a digital video camera was purchased with the view to start incorporating wedding video productions to his business. The Video camera was called Canon XM2.

2002; This is when Mark made his first film and realised he found a new passion for filmmaking.

With this new found passion, he soon realised another business opportunity is available to now offer a wedding video service along with his wedding photography service to clients.

Wedding photography and videos kept him busy and soon earned him enough of a reputation to no longer need to advertise. Bookings were now coming in from word of mouth due to his own unique way of interacting with clients and guests on wedding days.

2003; Another Canon XM2 video camera was purchased which created a second camera angle to offer  more dynamic video productions for his clients.

2009; Mark was quite fond of the past and recognised the future is much easier to archive due to the cost of new digital technologies.

He then started to video record and archive modern day activities and events for the future preservation what can easily be classed as new history in the making.

Some of these archives include political demonstrations or campaigns against the UK government, highlighting how people react to Government and they're agendas which mainstream media appear to turn they're blind eye towards!

Much of his video archives are unseen with a view of recording for posterity, the future history now in the making.

2018; This is when Mark started to collaborate on the Indie Filmmaking scene. This added many more strings to his bow. More information for his film credits are available on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) link above.

2020; Is the year that ended many peoples businesses including my own...

2021; By the end of March in this year, it was the last of the country lockdowns which was finally lifted by UK Government. Indie Filmmaking was once again under way.

This is what kept Mark busy due to the uncertainty of what might happen next. The potential for a future new COVID lockdown, was still in everybody's minds.

During this time, Mark also started to think about a new line of work, a line of work that is not so much seasonal.

Working in the wedding service industry is normally about eight months long on average, so now seems a good time to work towards gaining a twelve month business opportunity period as people and businesses attempt to recover from the COVID crisis lockdowns.

Since March 2021, the last nine months has helped to lay the foundations for a new business venture. MB Productions  is now on track to start trading as a new video production business from January 2022.

2022; This is the new year for new business...

Free Webpage For Any New Business Starting 2022 

This is available as a complimentary offer to help promote your business while finances may be limited for new businesses starting up.

All you will need to do is send your business information in an email.

Your free complimentary web page will then be created and include all the business promotional info you choose to send via email.

Your promotional video production can also be included on your webpage to help promote your business for a period of 2yrs

Free Webpage is available in the promotional offers for new and existing businesses.

For more information, or if you have any questions regarding your own promotional video production, please do not hesitate to make contact.

Thank you for stopping by...

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